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Material Handling Products and Installation Services

                                  conveyors, mezzanines, lifters, pallet racks, in-plant offices, steel shelving, and installation services

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See important information below that you should know about pallet trucks before buying or using,
regardless of where you buy them

5,500 lb. capacity pallet trucks

( Pallet Trucks are also called  Pallet Jacks )


Call us at   781-245-5798  for the best possible current pricing

Pallet Jack


Pallet jack hydraulic pump


Pallet jack fork detail

Fork Dimensions:  

  • 5,500 lb. capacity

  • 2-7/8 in. lowered height

  • Raised height: 7-3/4 in.

  • 230 degree pivot arc

  • Three position handle,
    self returning

  • Ships in 48 hours

  • Weight: 300 lbs.


Call us at   781-245-5798   to place your order.

Also Available from Industry in Motion:

  • Electric Pallet Trucks

  • Stokvis Multiton Pallet Trucks

  • Rol-Lift Pallet Trucks

  • BT Pallet Trucks

  • Vestil Pallet Trucks

  • Wesco, Vestil, Zenith, you name it ... we have it.

  • Skid Trucks

  • Galvanized Pallet Trucks

  • Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks


( also known as "Pallet Jacks" )

  • The most common size pallet truck and skid truck has forks 27 in. wide x 48 in. long to accommodate the most common pallet size, which is 48 in. deep x 42 in. wide.

  • Remember: you get what you pay for! If a pallet truck looks like a "real bargain", chances are it is not. Make sure that is has polyurethane wheels and load rollers. The least expensive use nylon wheels and load rollers, which are much more brittle, and don't last long.

  • Many "bargain" pallet trucks use "disposable hydraulics", i.e., if the hydraulics fail, you must replace the entire hydraulic assembly, instead of using an inexpensive seal repair kit available from the factory.

  • If you plan on using your pallet truck or skid truck on an incline, beware! A 200 lb. man cannot stop a 5000 lb. load once it gains momentum! There are brakes available for pallet trucks that will be used on inclines.

  • You can also get galvanized, and even stainless steel pallet trucks for corrosive conditions.

  • Whatever your needs are, Industry in Motion can supply you with what is right for your application. We also provide electric pallet trucks, 3-speed, forward and reverse. Call us. We can help you.



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