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Simply fill in the information below


Choose the TYPE of mezzanine deck below ...


(If the Mezzanine you need is irregularly shaped, you can fax us a sketch at : 1-781-245-6830)

            ... then fill in the following specifications:



Mezzanine Platform 


Mezzanine Platform




   Landing at top of stairway



Number of 
for Mezzanine:


Include OPTIONAL Estimated Installation:

Mezzanine must meet BOCA Code

Pallet Truck will be used upon mezzanine *

Specify Rail Option (with mid-rails and toe boards) for mezzanine:


Pallet Gate 4 ft. wide        Pallet Gate 5 ft. wide

... and tell us WHERE to send your quote:


Privacy Policy: Industry in Motion will not sell, release, or distribute any information you provide to anyone whomsoever.

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If you requested an
Installation Price,
MUST provide the following information
in  order for us to quote you a correct installation figure

Site Conditions:

Unloading of Material:

Building Site:

How far, approximately, from your receiving dock is the mezzanine to be located, (in feet):

Power Source available at at site (e.g. 220-440V/3ph/60hz): (multiple selections available)

Distance from power source to mezzanine location:

Is a forklift available to our installers at the site for use in erecting mezzanine?

Work Hours available to our Installers (multiple selections available):

Is a safety briefing required prior to start of work?

Site Work Conditions: (multiple selections available)

Are there any OTHER SPECIAL CONDITIONS we should be aware of, or any requirements
we should know of? If so, please briefly explain below:



  • TO CALCULATE PSF (Pounds per Square Foot), multiply the length of the mezzanine X the
    width and divide it by the MAXIMUM DISTRIBUTED load you anticipate will be stored upon it.

  • For example: if you have a mezzanine 10 ft. long X 12 ft. wide, the formula would be as follows: 10 X 12 = 120 square feet. You anticipate placing, say, 10,000 lbs. upon the deck, or platform, (EVENLY distributed over the 60 square foot area NOT 10,000 lbs. concentrated on, say, a pallet, occupying only a 48" X 42" area).

  • 10,000 lbs. divided by 120 square feet = a PSF of 83.3. You would then specify 84 PSF as your
    deck's load-bearing capacity.

  • AS A RULE OF THUMB, 125 PSF is the most commonly specified capacity on any size
    mezzanine. A 40' X 20' mezzanine with a 125 PSF capacity will be designed to hold 100,000 lbs 
    or EVENLY distributed over the entire 800 square foot area

  • CONCERNING THE USE OF PALLET TRUCKS ON MEZZANINES: If you anticipate using a pallet truck (pallet jack) upon your mezzanine, it is very important that we know it, for not only will this determine the suitability of the deck required for the mezzanine, but also the understructuring.

  • A pallet truck carries its load on 3 CONCENTRATED points (the steering wheel below the handle, and the two load rollers at the end of the forks. Your ENTIRE LOAD is CONCENTRATED on these three small areas each about only 3 inches square NOT distributed over, say, a 4' x 4' area. That's A LOT of weight in 3 small areas!

  • Without proper deck beams and beam spacing, your mezzanine deck will not support this load! The wheels of the hand truck will either crush the deck of the mezzanine, or the understructuring will buckle and collapse. DO NOT use BAR GRATING if you will use a pallet truck, the wheels will not roll over it.

  • Properly understuctured plywood or smooth steel is your answer for using a pallet truck on your mezzanine. Call us ... we'll help you with any questions you have!



  • Mezzanines of ANY Size from 8 ft. x 8 ft. to 300 ft. x 300 ft ... and larger!

  • Mezzanines of ANY Configuration, including offset elevations and cat-walks. Stairways and stairs are available as both OSHA and BOCA, with mid-landings as required and upper landings all with rails to meet OSHA and BOCA requirements.

  • Mezzanines of ANY Capacity to meet your requirement. We design it to meet your needs. We will even tell you in our quote how much weight will be placed upon each column of your mezzanine to assist you in determining the suitability of the floor you wish to place it upon!

  • Name your mezzanine deck:  plywood, bar grating, smooth steel or diamond plate. Place rails on all sides, two sides, or one side only or have no rails at all   you tell us what YOU need!

  • Our mezzanines are both modular and reconfigurable. If your needs change, your mezzanine changes with them. OSHA and BOCA approved. Seismic rated.

  • Full C.A.D. Approval Drawings submitted to you prior to our fabrication of your mezzanine

  • Place an in-plant office upon your mezzanine and double your office space! We'll even provide the office to your specifications.

  • ... and, of course, if you wish, we will install the mezzanines (and the offices) that we provide



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