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Material Handling Products and Installation Services

                                  conveyors, mezzanines, lifters, pallet racks, in-plant offices, steel shelving, and installation services

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Pallet Racks and Pallet Storage


Tear Drop Style Pallet Racks
interchangeable with old style Interlake

Pallet rack load beam detail
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Interchangeable with "old style" or "tear drop" Interlake racks

 STRUCTURAL pallet rack


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wire decking for pallet racks

Wire Decks for pallet racks

   Wire Decks  for non-palletized loads
(2" x 4" mesh x 4 gauge standard, with steel support channels)

Row Spacers, 6 in. (specify quantity) Wall Ties, 6 in.  (specify quantity)




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  Pallet racks by Husky ( Wireway-Husky ), Penco, Lyon Metal, MECO, Jarke and many, many more ...
  Tear-drop style matches old Interlake tear drop style pallet racks most common in warehouses
  Structural steel pallet racks that match and are interchangeable with Burtman or Dynabilt pallet racks
  All welded upright frames and load beams.
  Load beams are adjustable in height accommodate any capacity.
  8 ft high pallet racks? 10 ft high pallet racks? 45 high ft high pallet racks?  Your bar-joists are your limits! Go as high as your fork truck will take you!
  3000 lbs. per level? 10,000 lbs. per level? You name the capacity, our pallet racks have it!
  42 in. deep pallet racks? 10 ft. deep Pallet racks? Name it, we've got it.
  Odd-sized pallets? No sweat! Use our high-capacity wire decking on our Pallet Racks for any capacity. Wire decks allow loading of off-size pallets, hand-loading, ventilation, and overhead sprinkler penetration frequently required
by your insurer.
  Pallet rack load beams adjust easily without tools for maximum flexibility. Change the shelf heights in minutes to accommodate changing sizes in product or pallet loads.
  Horizontal load beams of Pallet racks are painted Safety Orange for enhanced fork truck driver visibility.
  Column guards are available to protect pallet rack posts from fork truck damage.
  Deck Supports available for plywood decking on your pallet racks.
  Drive-in and Drive-Through Racks for high-density storage




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