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Material Handling Products and Installation Services

                                  conveyors, mezzanines, lifters, pallet racks, in-plant offices, steel shelving, and installation services

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Pallet Stackers, Straddle Trucks, and Lift Trucks

See below for useful information about pallet stackers in general

Pallet Stackers and Lift Trucks
PRESTO (Lee Engineering) Pallet Stackers shown above


  • Pallet Stackers are Electric-hydraulic in lifting and use a manual relief-valve in lowering (units are manually pushed). Please call us for quotes on self-propelled.

  • Our Pallet Stackers have 1500 lb. and 2000 lb. capacities, and come with fixed and adjustable forks. Choice of fork length.

  • Dual lifting chains on all Pallet Stackers, with a 6:1 safety factor

  • Massive construction for superior durability and strength

  • Adjustable straddle legs, Fixed straddle legs, or Non-straddle Pallet Stackers

  • Heavy Duty 12 volt 125 amp hour Industrial Battery with built-in Charger

  • Flush steel platforms available for lifting small boxes and loads not palletized.

  • Adjustable forks (adjustable width)  on all Pallet Stackers

A Word About Pallet Stackers .

STACKERS are used to lift and to lower pallets;  they are not designed to transport pallets over a distance of more than several feet. That is what Pallet Trucks are designed to do: to easily move pallets over distances and to bring pallets to and from stackers.  Stackers are heavy 650 lbs. to over 1000 lbs (depending on the required lift height), and this weight is IN ADDITION to the weight of the loaded pallet! Pallet stackers, in short, are much too heavy and awkward to be used to move pallets any considerable distance.

PALLET STACKERS should NOT be used to off-load trucks, unless the truck bed height and the dock height are the same. Pallet Trucks are much more efficient at this. They weigh a lot less ( 150 - 250 lbs.) and are much more maneuverable. Stackers also get hung up on the underside of their straddle legs if any attempt is made to negotiate the break-over from an incline to a horizontal surface. This is often encountered when a stacker is used (in conjunction with a dock-board) with a truck bed and dock of different heights.

Pallet Stackers work on the CANTILEVER PRINCIPLE: the weight of the load is borne on the straddle legs beneath the forks. This means that if you intend to load pallet racks, you must keep the lowest beam level high enough to allow the wheels in the front of the stacker's straddle legs to pass under the beam. This is usually  6 inches from the floor to the underside of the first pair of load beams on your racks.


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